The Awards Process

In the history of The Founder of the Year Awards, #FOYA2021AFRICA will take a turn when it comes to the award process. Here is how the award process will run;

a) Open submission for top 30 entrepreneurs in each category in each age group across Africa (the eight participating countries of Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Nigeria, Ghana, Zambia and South Africa);

b) A nominee selection panel (“Nominee Selection Panel”) set up by the Organizers decides on the top 30 founders per category to make it to the list;

c) The list of nominees is released to the public for voting in each category;

d) An executive voting panel (“Executive Voting Panel”), comprised of recognizable, respected socio-business personalities in the participating countries, will then contribute 40% to the tally of votes whilst the public contributes 60% in the final voting round to determine the winner in each category and the overall Founder of the Year winner in each country;

e) Once the category winners have been determined in each country (i.e. the 4 category winners) in each age group, these individuals will then enter into a second phase of voting pitting them against their category winning counterparts in the other countries competing for the African category trophy, with 60% of the determination being by the public and 40% by the African college of executive Voting Panel comprised of all the country representatives.